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Music Producer and Mixer

Ready to take your songs on a journey? 

Greetings, fellow music creators!

Are you a singer-songwriter or a tight-knit creative team looking to transform your musical ideas into something truly moving? You've stumbled upon the right companion.
I'm André, and within the walls of my cozy home studio, we'll craft musical wonders with a touch of uniqueness. Let's dive deep into the heart of your musical inspiration, where soul-stirring lyrics, electrifying chords, and even the tiniest ideas come to life. We'll weave melodies that tug at your emotions and craft lyrics that paint vibrant stories. 

This musical playground is all about embracing creativity and exploring new sonic realms. Alt-pop, alt-rock, synthetic edge, and everything in between! If you're into unique sounds and edgy vibes, you've come to the right place. A Brussels-based music producer ready and at your service. Check out below what you can expect when recording with me.

crafting  Your  music

If you've got an idea, we can move it forward.  Whether it's developing a melody, adding musica progressions, or polishing lyrics, we can prepare it for the recording process. A network of skilled musicians and creatives, I can also get you in touch with vocal, accent or music coaches, 

My songwriting services are all about embracing creativity and exploring the uncharted territory of musical expression. Let's set sail on this creative journey, crafting melodies that linger in minds, chords that sing to hearts, and lyrics that leave an indelible mark.


Recording  your  songs

Let's Get Creative: Breathe new life into your tunes with unexpected twists and epic crescendos with innovative musical arrangement. Sound Design - Infuse your music with powerful sound design choices that will bring out its unique, emotional joureny.

Recording in Studio or On-Location - Capture in my cozy studio or on-location
for an unforgettable musical moment.

My collaborative approach means we'll brainstorm, experiment, and bring your vision to life like never before. We thrive on pushing the boundaries and getting creative to elevate your music to new heights.

Mixing  and  Mastering

Mixing - Crafting the Perfect Blend: Leave the magic to me!
I'll skillfully blend all elements of your music.
A Network of Editors, Mixers & Mastering Engineers -
 With a network of skilled artisans, I've got you covered! I'll handle the communication, ensuring a smooth and seamless collaboration.

Your music is in safe hands, from the first edit to the final polish.


take a listen to some of these 

singer songwriters

band  production

André Six's hand on an audio mixing console at Pieuvre Studio in Brussels, Belgium

Hey there, I'm André - a music lover with a lifelong passion for melodies that stir the soul.

From the moment I picked up my first guitar at 13, I knew music would be my true calling. It took time and dedication, but I've honed my skills, spending 9 to 12 hours each week practicing. Now, I'm part of two bands, Omnerod and Inhuman, and I occasionally step in as a bass player for other projects.

Setting up my own home studio was a natural step, driven by my fascination with sculpting sound and creating music. Working in studios like Galaxy Studios exposed me to the technical side of audio engineering, enriching my expertise. As an artist and producer, I strive to push artists beyond their limits while respecting their vision, drawing from my own experiences both in front of the mic and behind the console.

Alongside my dear friend Gerald, I co-founded the Académie du Gros Son to offer the French-speaking community valuable knowledge on recording and music production in a judgment-free space. In my studio, I create an environment of openness, where artists can explore, experiment, and discover their musical potential. Music, to me, is a language that connects us all, and I'm humbled by its power to move and unite hearts.

So, here I stand, André, ready to lend my skills to your musical dreams. Let's make melodies that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact. It's a privilege to be part of your creative journey.





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